Throwback Review: Metal Gear Solid (Part One)

I’ve been playing through the copy of MGS that I picked up at a new second hand shop downtown, and I’ve just finished disc one. Seeing as this is at least the halfway point, I figure that this is a good time to sit back and write about my playthrough while it is still fresh in my mind.

If you have never played through this game before, I’ll give you a short synopsis. It goes a bit like this: You play as Solid Snake, a legendary war hero whose mission is to stop a group of terrorists called “FOX-HOUND” from detonating a nuclear warhead on America. They simply want the remains of someone called “Big Boss” in return for not dropping¬† the warhead. So you are dropped off at their base, an island in Alaska called “Shadow Moses Island” to do your heroic duty. The gist of the game is then simple: find and destroy a machine called Metal Gear that allows them to launch a nuke.

My thoughts on the story so far: Fan-friggin-tastic! The story is superb, never straying too far from the main point, but including enough cheesy science fiction goodness that any geek would be in pure bliss from! That being said, there is one flaw that I found, and a small one at that. Big Bosses’ remains. They reference them as some sort of big deal, but then neglect to mention them for another four hours of the game. My question is: Why? Why bring something “important” like that up and fail to reference it barely at all? It is the story’s only big flaw that I can find.
Final verdict on the story: 9/10

My thoughts on the gameplay so far: the game is a stealth based action game, from a bird’s-eye view, and right from the start I could sense that the camera would be my biggest enemy in the whole game, and it was. There have been times where I was up against a wall, when all of a sudden, the camera would change angle, making Snake change positions and wind up getting seen by a guard, much to my dismay. That being said, save for the couple of problems with the camera, the gameplay is straight on. The controls are incredibly tight, and the fun never really ends as far as gameplay goes. Just the tiniest mechanics that the developers put in this game simply fill me with glee. MGS’s gameplay is unforgettable.
Final verdict on the gameplay: 8/10

That brings us to the end of this review on disc one of Metal Gear Solid. The score as it stands now is 8.5/10, but we’ll see what this game gets when I go even more in depth with part two.

Thanks much for reading,